Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance or the inability to digest and metabolize lactose, which is the sugar found in milk, is a condition that can result in bloating, nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain. It is estimated that, depending on what part of the world you live, there is better than a 50-50 chance you will develop the condition as you increase in age. The severity of symptoms will vary with the person involved and the amount of lactose consumed. If the condition for you or one of your family members becomes an issue, there are ways to control this within your diet rather than experiencing the discomfort.
When lactose avoidance is not possible or when a person just doesn’t want to give up those foods which contain lactose, a supplementation for the enzyme lactase may be used. Lactase is the enzyme produced in our digestive systems that breaks down lactose, and supplements taken in pill form can do the same job, but with some caveats. First, too much acid in the stomach can break it down, so taking it on an empty stomach may eliminate its effectiveness. Next, it becomes ineffective if not in the small intestine before the problematic food arrives. So for lactase supplements to work, you may have to experiment a bit to get the right timing and dosage to fit your particular needs.
Another option is one of the many meal delivery plans that are now available. It is possible to get a balanced diet while eliminating dairy products, and there are plans that provide three meals a day plus snacks, seven days a week. A plan such as this would provide 50-60% of your calories from carbohydrates, 20-25% of calories from protein and less than 30% of your calories from fat. These are in compliance with the recommendations of the American Heart Association.
As with any diet that eliminates a source of food that is beneficial to your health, and dairy products are an important source of calcium, you must make up for the loss with other foods. In lactose intolerant meal plan, non-dairy sources of calcium, such as almonds, broccoli, soy products, kidney beans, oats and seafood would have to make up the difference in calcium. A meal plan really takes the guesswork out of all that.
Another option requires a little more work, but with the help of the internet you will find many excellent recipes and ideas for lactose-free food options.
1. Baking. Although not as flavorful as butter, coconut oil and some dairy-free spreads (if devoid of lactose or whey) make acceptable substitutes. Soya or rice yoghurt could be substituted for yoghurt or milk in baking goods.
2. Frying. Butter gives a nice caramelized taste, but olive or vegetable oil can be used in frying and sauteing.
3. Custard and cream desserts. The alternative milk products can be used in the standard recipes, but might give the dessert a slightly different taste then milk. If that presents a problem, increase the amount of the flavoring you use, be it lemon, chocolate, etc.
There are ways to get around the lactose intolerance issues, as eating won’t be pleasurable having to put up with the discomfort. Continue Reading ...

Crutch Alternatives After Injury

Crutch Alternative #1 – The Hands Free Crutch

If you want to have the best chance for mobility and freedom while recovering from your injury the Hands Free Crutch may be the best option for you. You can imagine it as similar to a pirate’s wooden leg. Although it is more comfortable, sturdier, and much more high-tech. It works by giving you a supportive platform to which you can kneel and rest your injured foot. It straps tightly on the thigh of your injured leg providing a sense of security in every step.

The great thing about this is, once you get the hang of it, you can easily walk nearly everywhere. Going up and down the stairs? Not a problem. You can even take it in the shower. And because you don’t have to hold anything with your hands, you now have full use of your hands. Carrying a plate, a drink, or even playing with the kids is now possible. You can open doors for yourself and rummage through cupboards again. You can sit easily and bend down from the waist. You can even push your glasses up your nose without having to stop. How’s that compare with crutches? Continue Reading ...

Total Knee Replacement Gets You Back On Your Feet

If you suffer from certain disabilities, such as osteoarthritis within your knees, having a total knee replacement can be an effective way of regaining much of your mobility. This surgery has proven to be very safe and very effective at correcting problems.
While total knee replacement might be a big step toward improving someone’s quality of life, it is also a very expensive procedure. The average cost right now is around $15,000. For those people who want to improve their mobility and have severe knee problems, however, this cost might very well be worth it.
Still, this surgery is extremely popular. In the U.S., about 600,000 of these procedures take place each year. That’s about $9 billion generated annually-not a small number by any measure. The success of this type of surgery has increased quite a bit over the years, and the business of total knee replacements is still growing. This is thanks in part to a growing senior population and the increased liveliness of this population, as well. Thanks to better technology and better healthcare practices, people are living longer lives that ever before. It only makes sense that this part of the population will want to continue their active lifestyles. If total knee replacement can remedy this problem, it is a very worthwhile investment.
Of course, surgery is not for everyone. The very old and the very ill are going to be at a larger risk of complications after they have a surgery, so unless the need is dire, this type of surgery might be best avoided. For other people, especially those who want to have active lives, this surgery can be a big success.
The bottom line is that this surgery is extremely effective in the vast majority of cases. The people who have knee replacements are able to do things that they might not have been able to do for years. Plus, as healthcare practices become better, the recovery time for this surgery is minimal. People can be back on their feet sooner than ever before with today’s practices. There is, however, an increased risk of readmission into the hospital if patients try using their new knees too much too soon. Medicare has incentives for short initial hospital visits for procedures like this-this is not necessarily a good thing for patients. So while patients are recovering quicker, they also need to be very aware of the fact that they can have complications if they push themselves a few days too early. If you are going to have this surgery, you definitely need to be aware of this fact.
Knee replacement surgery is a great way to regain a healthy and active lifestyle. This will give people plenty of incentive to start exercising more frequently, and this is definitely a great way for elderly folk to take charge of their health. Make sure you know all of the risks and the rewards for having such a surgery before you agree to go under the knife, however. Continue Reading ...

Abscess Care

There are two main factors that determine the recommended type of abscess treatment. First, it is the size of the abscess and secondly it is its location on your body. In many cases, abscesses are basically drained and the patient is given antibiotics to help prevent the infection from spreading.
Before abscess treatment, it is important to determine the main cause of the abscess. If the bacteria that is causing the abscess is not determined, it might develop a resistance to antibiotics causing the abscesses to keep on recurring. This will make permanent abscess treatment difficult if not impossible.
Sometimes, some abscesses do not respond to treatment. This is very common in liver abscesses. Most times, bacteria that does not respond to abscess care is fatal. The other option that can be left in this case is to drain out the abscess completely. This is done by a doctor in an operation.
Abscess drainage is a very simple and safe procedure. There are very few risks involved in this form of abscess care. The only challenge that most doctors encounter is how to suitably place the drainage tube inside the abscess. However, if this skin abscess treatment is done properly, the abscess will be removed completely.
During this procedure, the doctor makes a cut in the abscess. This allows all the pus to drain out and the doctor can even decide to take a sample of the pus for testing. Testing is important in abscess care since it enables the doctor to determine the type of bacteria causing the infection. Once all the pus has been removed, the doctor will clean the hole using a salt solution.
After skin abscess treatment, the wound is cleansed and left open so that any pus, which is produced later, will be drained away. However, there are some deep abscesses, which cannot be left open. In such cases, an antiseptic dressing can be kept to keep it open. After the surgery, the patient may remain with a scar on the affected area.
Many people may think that squeezing the pus on their own is always an ideal skin abscess treatment. However, most doctors do not recommend this to be done without proper knowledge. Removing the pus out of the abscess may cause bacteria to spread to other areas of your body. This will happen since the pus will spread out without your knowledge. To avoid this, make sure that once you consider this method of treatment for abscesses, you must throw away the tissue you used to wipe the pus. Wash your hands thoroughly after dealing with the pus.
Standard wound care can be performed at home. The right person to determine the ideal treatment method is likely to be your doctor. If the abscess is becoming too painful or it is creating a wound, you must consult the doctor. Most importantly, be very wary about abscesses that keep on recurring. In most cases, they are caused by an underlying condition, which needs to be addressed. On the other hand, you can use dressing like aquacel hydrofiber, which completely removes all the underlying pathogens on the wound after a short while. Continue Reading ...

Pregnancy and Compression Stockings

Are you finding in the latter part of your pregnancy that your legs are regularly feeling painful and tired? If they are then you may find that wearing a good quality pair of compression stockings can help to provide you with support and relief you need from these symptoms.
As your pregnancy advances you will find that the additional weight you are carrying will increase the chances of varicose veins developing. The reason that they develop or become more exaggerated is because the extra uterus weight is placing pressure on the veins located on the right side of your body and in turn results in more pressure being placed on the veins in your legs.
Normally the blood in your legs will be flowing upwards to return it to the heart. But with the extra pressure and as there is more blood in your body to provide your unborn child with what it needs this causes the veins to work at much greater levels. If circulation of blood through your legs then becomes compromised this will result in further pressure being placed on the veins in your legs. In many cases these women will find that their legs start to feel heavy, plus they may feel as if they are itching or burning. Continue Reading ...

Search For Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is every woman’s problem and finding the best product for cellulite is its solution. The demand for cellulite remedies is skyrocketing every year. More and more women are getting fed up with cellulite and the media’s obsession on beauty and perfection has found its way in the psyche of masses. These two combined is a potent formula for the lucrative anti-cellulite business.
The market has seen an over-saturation of the cellulite products and remedies yet the number of unsatisfied consumers are still ever growing. This is suggestive of how most of these products do not deliver the promised result. Clearly, most of the cellulite products are ineffective and nothing but just waste of money. Thus, it is extremely important that when you buy a cellulite product, make it sure that it is guaranteed effective. Continue Reading ...

Causes Of Bad Breath

You can find people around the world with chronic bad breath (halitosis). This may be cold comfort when it’s your problem of bad breath. I just want you to know that there are many people who suffer from the same problem.

The Number One Cause of Bad Breath

Not brushing your teeth and cleaning your tongue and taking care of your mouth are the most common causes of bad breath.
It’s just that simple!
Do you practice good, regular oral hygiene? If not, that is the first place to start in the fight for fresher breath. You can find lots of “solutions” out there for having a fresh, clean breath, but the first place to start is a clean mouth.
Another Common Cause is…
Dry mouth. You may notice having a dry mouth in the morning especially, because during the night there’s less saliva produced in our mouth and less movement in our mouth, so our mouth naturally dries out.
Make sure you brush your teeth and clean your tongue and use a mouthwash before you go to bed. Use a mouthwash that does not have alcohol in it, as alcohol tends to dry out the mouth.
The bacteria that live in our mouth thrive in this dryer environment. If you wake up in the morning and you notice that you have a film of plaque on your tongue and the inside of your mouth, you may want to consider drinking some water in the middle of the night. This can help to break up the dryness and the production of bacteria and foul odor-causing materials in your mouth.
Another common cause of halitosis is post-nasal drip, or other sinus problems. Especially if you have a persistent post-nasal drip.
The drainage from your sinuses accumulates on the back of your tongue and the back of your throat. That drainage is a perfect nutrient for the bacteria in our mouth that cause less than fresh breath. Having that abundant supply of nutrients encourages the bacteria to reproduce, making the problem worse. So anything you can do to relieve the sinus problem can also have a positive effect on your breath.
Some Final Thoughts
So you can see that keeping your mouth clean and free of the nutrients for bacteria will help you find relief from your bad breath.
Begin to practice good oral hygiene, which includes cleaning your tongue, and using mouthwash.
Do you feel you already practice good oral hygiene? If you brush, floss and clean your tongue twice a day, perhaps once more per day would help – at lunch? Remember, the bacteria in your mouth are working away 24 hours a day! You may need to increase your efforts to have the fresh breath you desire.
You may find that your breath problems are caused by some condition I haven’t discussed here. There are many possible reasons for halitosis. There are also many possible ways to find relief!
There is no one magic bullet that fixes everybody’s breath problem. This means that you may have to try a number of remedies, you may have to talk to your doctor, or dentist, to find out what’s going on. There are tests that they can do.
It’s up to you to take the lead to find the relief that works for you, so that you can have a fresher, cleaner breath. Be persistent, try some different ways, get help when you need it, and eventually you will find relief for yourself.
The information contained in this article is purely for informational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute for any medical diagnosis or treatment, or consultations with your health-care practitioner. Continue Reading ...