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Pregnancy and Compression Stockings

Are you finding in the latter part of your pregnancy that your legs are regularly feeling painful and tired? If they are then you may find that wearing a good quality pair of compression stockings can help to provide you with support and relief you need from these symptoms.
As your pregnancy advances you will find that the additional weight you are carrying will increase the chances of varicose veins developing. The reason that they develop or become more exaggerated is because the extra uterus weight is placing pressure on the veins located on the right side of your body and in turn results in more pressure being placed on the veins in your legs.
Normally the blood in your legs will be flowing upwards to return it to the heart. But with the extra pressure and as there is more blood in your body to provide your unborn child with what it needs this causes the veins to work at much greater levels. If circulation of blood through your legs then becomes compromised this will result in further pressure being placed on the veins in your legs. In many cases these women will find that their legs start to feel heavy, plus they may feel as if they are itching or burning. Continue Reading ...